Since its establishment in 1993, students have been graduating from our SUIS campuses, heading off to reputable universities around the globe and then on to rewarding careers. We are very excited about the positive impact our alumni are making beyond school and throughout this ever-changing and increasingly globalized world.

Our vision for this SUIS alumni site is to not only celebrate and share our alumni successes, but to also connect alumni with former classmates and strengthen the bonds they have with their SUIS schools. As it is our desire to see this SUIS alumni website grow and develop with time and to eventually build an alumni association, we will be updating this site on a regular basis, so please stayed tuned!

Our SUIS Alumni family

To our dear alumni, much of Xiehe’s and SUIS’ rich history belongs to you, and no matter how long you were at SUIS or how much time has passed since you walked your schools’ hallways, we warmly welcome you as a lifelong member of the Xiehe and SUIS family and alumni community.

We believe that everyone has a special and unique story to share, and we would love to share yours with our wider school community. Academic or career achievements…new adventures or life-changing experiences…words of wisdom and/or inspiration for our current students – we welcome them all!

The first step on our journey towards building our alumni association involves the need for us to connect with you. Thus, your assistance in taking just a little time to register with us would be much appreciated. In the meantime, we will periodically update this website as we make progress on the alumni association and will follow up with our alumni should we have updates or special announcements to share. We wish you great success at university and in your current or future career!

Yes, please do connect me with the SUIS Alumni Family!

Your student days at SUIS might be over, but you are still a very important part of SUIS’ present and future!