Stars Project
Each year, a selection of committed educators participates in the one-year Stars Project course, a professionally-designed training program that provides a diverse and rigorous curriculum delivered through high expectations and standards. The course serves to challenge participants, to cultivate their growth, and to provide them with opportunities to tailor their learning and development to match their particular educational interests and passions. The program also helps to attract excellent teachers of international education and encourages the exchange and collaboration of faculty among our different campuses.
Cross-Campus Professional Development Days
Teachers are the Xiehe Education most precious resource, and as such professional development is a major part of our drive towards our sustainable development. One of the many ways that we balance the implementation of Xiehe’s ‘East meets West’ ethos at both our school and classroom levels with the development of our teachers’ interests and intrinsic motivation is through our Cross-Campus Professional Development Days. In addition to providing a channel for teachers from all our campuses to interact and collaborate with each other, these annual professional development events serve to identify unique skills, provide opportunities for teachers to share their knowledge and experience with colleagues, and gather valuable feedback.
Early Childhood Education Development
“Training for our Early Childhood Education (ECE) teams is a vital component of the XIEHE Education ongoing aim to provide faculty with advanced concepts, professional knowledge, and outstanding management skills, but also to continually improve the quality of the ECE programme. Our training objectives include the following: 1. Understand the basic concepts, theories and methodologies of management along with Xiehe’s strategy for its future development. 2. Become adept with the basic methods and strategies of kindergarten management and improve teaching practice. 3. Improve the comprehensive quality of the ECE core teams and provide management talent to facilitate a high quality preschool education at Xiehe.