With the aim of integrating Eastern and Western cultures, our Chinese and foreign management teams work together under the philosophy and strategy of Sino-foreign joint management as a multicultural professional team, collaboratively implementing our cross-cultural curricula throughout all our teaching and learning environments. The result is a cultural atmosphere of openness, inclusiveness, cooperation and sharing, constantly enhancing the sense and motivation of innovation.

Educational Philosophy: “East Meets West”

School values: Diversity, balance, creativity, open-mindedness and innovation.

Our Mission: Xiehe Education is committed to providing high-quality, multi-cultural and holistic international education by integrating the best elements of both East and West. At Xiehe we provide students with multiple choices of curricula and diverse developmental pathways. We prepare our students to become global citizens of tomorrow’s world.

Educational Objectives: We educate our students to develop an international mind-set and a sense of responsibility towards society. We develop them to become thinkers, inquirers and risk-takers, knowledgeable, principled, and caring people. We develop our students to become bilingual in English and Chinese, to have strong communication skills and outstanding problem-solving abilities.