About Fortune
In accordance with the purpose of creating an international education environment with relaxed and harmonious family feeling, Fortune Kindergarten strives to offer bilingual teaching with the concept of “East Meets West”. In addition, the Kindergarten promotes the strategy of family-kindergarten cooperation. On one hand, it satisfies the international and differentiated preschool educational needs, and on the other hand, it strengthens the all-round growth of kids in terms of emotion, attitude, recognition ability and skills. The Kindergarten, therefore, cultivates the future citizens who are, healthy and sociable, full of curiosity, friendly to the nature, courageous and confident, reliable in preliminary responsibility, excellent in international perspective and open to different cultures.
Mission & Philosophy
• Providing a highly qualified international education that prepares young children for the future, supporting their development into global citizens and proud representatives of their national cultures.
• Merging Chinese and western teaching and learning approaches, practicing bilingualism and ensuring that children are confident in English as well as in Chinese.
• Emphasizing the personal as well as the academic development of the students, so that children become adaptable, moral, thoughtful and co-operative individuals.
Curriculum: The bilingual curriculum of Fortune Kindergarten is aimed at strengthening the comprehensive progress of kids with emphasis on their needs of sociality, physique, emotion and culture, and at the same time, laying a solid foundation of knowledge: generic concept,natural science, theatrical performance, language, music and visual art. Such diversified curricula will help kids develop an international outlook that cares for others, for life and for our planet.
Academic Phases
2-year-old to 6-year-old kids.