Xiehe Education, founded in 1993 in Shanghai, is a professional education organization that has experienced nearly 30 years of development. Growing during the advancement of China’s Reform & Opening-up period, Xiehe has witnessed the global development of contemporary China, particularly in Shanghai, and has become a pioneer and leader in the exploration of Chinese non-governmental K-12 education. Thus far, Xiehe has already founded more than 40 kindergartens and 10 schools, and one academy, with students from over 40 countries and regions around the world. Xiehe has also been invited to host a number of public kindergartens and schools in China. In addition to Shanghai, Xiehe Education successfully operates schools and kindergartens in Wuxi (Jiangsu Province), Xiamen (Fujian Province) and Hefei (Anhui Province). At present, Xiehe Education has grown into one of the most influential bilingual education organizations in China, recognized for the highest-quality education.

“Developing in Harmony, where East Meets West” is the core value of Xiehe Education. As an educational organization, the first to advocate and practice the concept of a Chinese-western integrated education in China, Xiehe has been aiming to achieve the individual and holistic development of students as well as to promote social innovation and progress ever since its establishment. By bringing together the essence of Eastern and Western cultures, high quality educational resources and the provision of a research-based, integrated, holistic education, Xiehe Education is committed to cultivating students to become qualified international citizens with global perspectives and Chinese roots, able to understand and engage with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds throughout the world. The concept of “Integration of Eastern and Western Cultures” is also fully reflected at all levels within Xiehe schools: co-leadership through Chinese and foreign experts, co-teaching by Chinese and foreign teachers, joint learning by Chinese and foreign students, and a rich blend of Eastern and Western cultures on all campuses.

Under the guidance of the its educational philosophy, Xiehe kindergartens provide high-quality pre-school education with flexible patterns for children aged 2 to 6, focusing on the integration of Eastern and Western cultures and highlighting bilingual teaching. The family of “Elite Kindergartens” is operated following the highest standards of public kindergartens, and now all Elite Kindergartens are of first-tier quality, with some even becoming demonstration models for other non-governmental kindergartens. The family of Xiehe’s “Bilingual Kindergartens” highlights the “Fortune” brand, and features bilingualism and multiculturalism, an international atmosphere of collaborative management by Chinese and foreign experts, co-teaching by Chinese and foreign teachers, and the mutual growth of Chinese and foreign children.

Xiehe schools (SUIS, Shanghai United International School) offer diversified curricula for students aged 6 to 18 and are committed to providing students with the most advanced, student-oriented, self-learning, and encouraging education of the highest-quality. A “dual-channel” path is available at the stages of primary and secondary school education, which means that students can choose either overseas or domestic channels for future university applications; Xiehe students actually perform quite well in either. On the one hand, Xiehe schools strictly comply with National Curriculum Standards for Chinese Compulsory Education and adhere to the National Core Competencies of Student Development to ensure the comprehensive and healthy growth of Xiehe students. On the other hand, based on the national and local curriculums, Xiehe has developed various and distinctive curriculum resources of its own, fully embodying Xiehe’s educational philosophy of “East Meets West”; the curriculum is now a model of school-based-curriculum with both fusion and innovation, widely recognized in the education industry and warmly welcomed by students and parents.

In the high school stage, Xiehe has introduced various mainstream international courses that are in line with reputable and renowned organizations and universities around the world, including International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) courses from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), Advanced Level (A Level) courses from the UK, Advanced Placement (AP) courses from the US, and British Columbia (BC) courses from Canada. Xiehe has obtained relevant qualifications and authorizations in all these international mainstream curricula, and has established deep, cooperative relations with relevant organizations and famous overseas schools. By offering professional and personalized guidance, Xiehe provides students with multiple choices of development paths, and most of its graduates have entered world-renowned universities.

In addition to its kindergartens and bilingual schools, Xiehe Education has also set up international youth clubs to provide students with after-school activities, and has set up Master’s Studios and Art Centers to help students achieve accomplishments in the arts, enabling them to have a full-range of free choices to extend themselves and discover their talents beyond each school’s main curriculum.