Guided by our ‘East Meets West’ ethos, Xiehe Education remains committed to the developmental strategy of operating schools based on a common set of standardized systems, research-based innovation, and the provision of an integrated and holistic kindergarten through Grade 12 international education.

Our management team is comprised of a general management department, a research department and an administrative support section. The responsibilities of these departments include:

  • overall planning and implementation of initiatives;
  • increasing the scale and improvement of structures;
  • strengthening and improving the standardization of our governance structure;
  • expanding the talent and competencies of our teachers, staff, and researchers;
  • improving our teacher evaluation systems;
  • solidifying, enriching and communicating our brand both in China and abroad;
  • continuously updating and standardizing our educational and technological resources, including their procurement and allocation;
  • implementing information technology programs in our kindergartens, schools and central office;
  • developing the use of technology in our teaching and learning programmes;
  • connecting and collaborating with schools and educational providers in China and around the world in order to build partnerships, learn, innovate and provide new opportunities for our students.