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With the aim of “East Meets West”, Xiehe Education carries forward a student-oriented education philosophy and a comprehensive education training objective. Schools and kindergartens under the management of Xiehe Education keep improving how they operate, and they have a systematic management manual. In addition, we offer trusteeship and franchise services on this basis. Focused on openness, sharing and common development, we try to help more kindergartens and schools avoid detours, work together and engage in mutually beneficial cooperation, thus developing high-quality bilingual kindergartens with Xiehe characteristics.

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The Three Advantages of Joining Xiehe Education

Xiehe Education is rooted in Shanghai and influences cities in the Yangtze River Delta region. For many years, we have provided our students with a comprehensive 15-year education system from kindergarten through senior high school, and we have fully carried out our comprehensive education plans. We are dedicated to students’ comprehensive and sustainable development, both mentally and physically.
We have excellent research teams and faculties. For kindergarten, we offer a diversified curriculum, including bilingual courses and elite courses, to develop comprehensive talent with global perspectives.
We offer comprehensive franchise services and help in developing training systems. We bring in resources from high-quality demonstration kindergartens and class A kindergartens affiliated to Xiehe Education, and we offer exclusive mentor services.

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Pictures of Demonstration Kindergartens

 Shanghai Class A Kindergartens and District-Level Demonstration Kindergartens

Shanghai Jinhui Experimental Kindergarten
【See details】
Green World Experimental Kindergarten
【See details】

   Shanghai Class A Kindergartens

Shanghai Minhang Longbai Xijiao Kindergarten
【See details】
Shanghai Xiehe Experimental Kindergarten
【See details】
Fortune Kindergarten Longyang Campus
【See details】
Shanghai Minhang Xiehe Luoyang Kindergarten
【See details】
Shanghai Xiehe Yangguang Kindergarten
【See details】
Shanghai Yangpu Dadi Kindergarten
【See details】
Fortune Kindergarten Shidai Campus
【See details】
Shanghai Fengxian Beibei Kindergarten
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