About Elite Kindergartens
Adhering to the principle of "giving priority to the development of children", Elite Kindergartens provide high-quality preschool education and services based on the new curriculum of the second stage of Shanghai's curriculum reform, while combined with the characteristic practice of each kindergarten. Following the rules of children's development, Elite Kindergartens offer developmental courses and kindergarten-based activities that meet children's interests and personality development needs. Paying attention to the comprehensive development of children's cognition, emotion and ability, Elite Kindergartens devote themselves to laying a sound foundation for children's future development.
Based on Early Childhood and child development research, Elite Kindergartens create and implement courses integrated with the new kindergarten curriculum standards of Shanghai and the unique developmental courses of the Xiehe Education. Elite Kindergartens:
  • promote the co-growth of teacher and child in a relaxed environment and support the child’s self-exploration and independent learning;
  • create a family-like environment and encourage children to develop sound learning and life habits;
  • build up children’s physical and mental resilience through outdoor activities and a closer proximity to nature;
  • highlight the self-expression of children through various games centered on interests, abilities and experiences;
  • respect children’s independent growth in order to satisfy their unique personalities and development.”
  • Objective
    We aim to help children develop as 21st Century children who are healthy, sociable, full of curiosity, courageous, confident and responsible.
    Curriculum Structure
    Elite Kindergartens' curriculum has been constructed and implemented to integrate two types of courses: common courses and campus-based courses.
  • Common Courses include courses that are aligned with the second stage of Shanghai's curriculum reform as well as unique Xiehe Education early years developmental activities.
  • Campus-based Courses are age-appropriate kindergarten courses dedicated to young children's growth, unique to each Elite campus, and created and implemented with Xiehe 'East Meets West' features.
  • Enrolment ages
    Elite Kindergartens serve children who are 2 to 6 years old.