About the Franchise

Our business covers kindergarten brand franchising, curriculum franchising, kindergarten customized services cooperation, kindergarten teacher training cooperation, etc. The headquarter of Xiehe Education takes into consideration the demands of its franchised kindergartens, as well as their current circumstances, to make overall plans on kindergarten operations and management, and to provide standard regulations on franchised kindergarten management. In addition, a series of franchise services are offered in support, including preparation during the early stage, human resources, brand promotion, course training, kindergarten training, personnel training, operations supervision and appraisal, all of which promote the effective operation of franchised kindergartens.
Franchise Advantages

It’s one of our core objectives to offer sustainable and high-quality education. A good kindergarten must have a good reputation. And a good reputation is intimately related to good services. Whether services are good or not depends on professionalism and our service attitude. The four core advantages of Xiehe Education help develop influential kindergartens.
  • Our strong brand exerts an influence on education in the Yangtze River Delta region.
  • An international education philosophy and a diverse curriculum system enhance intrinsic development.
  • Functional departments offer one-stop, comprehensive services.
  • With plenty of successful cases to share, our cooperation promotes common development.
Advantages of Cooperation

With its many years of effort and experience in education, Xiehe Education has created a standardized franchise service system. We are able to offer one-stop and customized solutions to kindergartens from multiple perspectives and dimensions to improve their kindergarten management and education quality.
  • Kindergarten opening services: we offer advice on the preparation and construction of kindergartens, and we offer comprehensive support.
  • Kindergarten development services: we help solve problems related to supportive guarantees, and we provide kindergarten management system support and kindergarten development system support.
  • Teaching and education services: we introduce the education system and philosophy of Xiehe Education, craft training plans, offer opportunities to learn from directly-managed kindergartens, provide guidance on kindergarten entrance and other various services such as peer learning between kindergarten principals, online learning platforms, online learning resources, environment creation and themed activities.
  • Supervision services: our headquarter arranges supervision during the cooperation period to guarantee the effective and orderly management of kindergartens. We’ll create exclusive solutions on the basis of individual demands, thus promoting sustainable development.