The passion make great motivation of exploration in education

Yang Zhibo

My name is Yang Zhibo. I graduated from SUIS Wuxi Campus in 2018 and now I am studying at the University of Georgia. After two years of IB courses, I was interested in education, so I chose primary education as my major.

My contribution

My passion for education came from being a teacher in school’s film club. During my IB study, I took film as a major course, so I decided to create one to help senior students improve their relevant skills. Gradually, I found that my club members preferred to watch movies, because shooting is too technical, which is far away from their lives. After the finding, I adjusted the targeted club members and began to teach some basic concepts and techniques to students in the lower grades, who haven’t any experience in IB film courses. To help new students effectively, I patiently explained film concepts, changed the course agenda and added more practical skills for shooting in the real world.

One Wednesday afternoon, after my club had finished a shooting class, I heard a seven-grade club member talking to his classmates. He said his film teacher was very knowledgeable. I am curious, because he has not been studied in IB film course yet, so who is his film teacher? When I passed them, the boy pointed to me and said to his classmates, “Look, he is my film class teacher.”

It was a turning point and made me realized my role had been changed, I was no longer a club leader, but also a teacher. What I do is the same as what my teacher does. I feel honored and fulfilled when I help others or even influence them with my knowledge and skills. Maybe what I told them is much less than what they learned in official classes, but they could happily discuss movies. At least, I planted a seed in their hearts that they would be proud of film skills they had acquired. 

My SUIS memories

SUIS helped me a lot in my career development. In high school, the ECA courses, student union and various themed activities encouraged me to help others and even start my own class. I start to think about being a teacher through these experiences, and gradually found out my future career path. Also, I gained a sense of accomplishment and practical experience in teaching, which reduced my confusion in college. Thanks to the Xiehe educational spirit, letting students take their own responsibility and develop freely, I have a certain understanding of my major, when many students are still confused about their major or even give up and transfer to another one.

Words of encouragement

Because of SUIS’s freedom and inclusive atmosphere, students could choose their own development path, so it is hard for me to give a general suggestion. All I could do is to share some personal experience about learning pressure. It is different from wildly acknowledged that the IB, AP, A-level courses are less stressful than the domestic college entrance examination, for example, it is common for us to write papers until midnight. Therefore, making full use of the school’s resources is really important. Psychological counseling room, admission guidance and gym, which are all good places to deal with learning pressure. My personal experience tells that many self-worries including learning problems, personal troubles and enrollment pressure can be easily solved through school’s public resources.