To our dear alumni, much of Xiehe’s and SUIS’ rich history belongs to you, and our prosperous future needs you. We are so pleased that more and more students have been graduating from our SUIS campuses, heading off to reputable universities around the globe and then on to rewarding careers. We are very excited about the positive impact our alumni are making beyond school and throughout this ever-changing and increasingly globalized world.

Our purpose for establishing the XIEHE Overseas Alumni Society is to provide a convenient and genuine platform for information exchange and resource sharing. Through this society, you can experience:


Academia discussion: Discuss various academic topics; exchange experiences of overseas studies; learn practical new skills.    


Career planning: Share the latest information; consult on future career path development.


Social network: Learn about the wonderful stories of fellow alumni, and share your own experiences.


Future development: Receive the latest news from SUIS and the XIEHE Education Group; contribute your valuable advice to XIEHE Education’s development.


We welcome you as a lifelong member of the XIEHE Overseas Alumni Society.